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Create A Digital Lookbook That Inspires and Converts

August 3rd, 2017 | 4 min. read

Create A Digital Lookbook That Inspires and Converts Blog Feature

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One of the best ways to display a large volume of products in your content is through shoppable digital lookbooks. They are richly visual and are easily navigated by a customer who is new to your site. The sliding feature is intuitive, and lookbooks place a large collection of products in front of the customer quickly. But they are most effective and robust when they are interactive, with clickable imagery, video, and effects. When done right, they add dimension and richness to an otherwise static page. Shoppers have come to expect flat, standard experiences - but when they are surprised and delighted by rich content, brands are rewarded with loyalty. Below, we break down our favorite examples to showcase how to create a digital lookbook that converts.


Create a digital lookbook with Brahmin This experience seamlessly merges quality content with instant shoppability. Shoppers click through the lookbook to discover new products, as well as helpful styling tips and tricks. It narrows down a large pool of possibilities to an easy-to-digest curated collection. And with integrated quickviews, shoppers simply click a purse or wallet to activate a shoppable lightbox. This seamless path to purchase means customers can add to cart without any needless searching. And because they are never taken to a product page, they remain engaged in the experience and are free to continue exploring.


Create a digital lookbook with Bonmarche UK retailer Bonmarché adds richness and dimension to their lookbook with embedded videos, animations, and expert styling advice. This is a perfect example of inspirational content, and because it's a lookbook they can fit a lot of inspiration into a single page. Shoppers are given outfit tips from the official brand style consultant, and can see exactly how to create a full look with the products. There is so much to see and learn that shoppers will stay engaged and on the page. And with instant shoppability, there is no gap between that coveted "gotta have it" moment, and a purchase. Bonmarché's lookbook is dynamic and interactive, and a perfect reflection of the brand.

Create a digital lookbook that inspires

When planning your next digital lookbook, don't forget:
  1. Make it shoppable - The instant a customer wants to buy, they should be able to click to immediately add to their cart. There should be no need to leave the page to purchase.
  2. Make it dynamic - A digital lookbook isn't anything new, but what can set yours apart is interactivity. Engaging elements like videos, animations, or even quizzes delight shoppers and keep them coming back.
  3. Make it mobile accessible - Shoppers who are accessing your lookbook on a smartphone or tablet should have just as engaging and intuitive an experience as desktop users. This means prioritizing mobile content strategy, and ensuring that all content - including lookbooks - are responsive. Otherwise, that beautiful digital lookbook will not translate to a smaller, more compact screen, and mobile users will be left disappointed.