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Annoushka: Crafting Rich Storytelling Campaigns

May 4th, 2018 | 2 min. read

Annoushka: Crafting Rich Storytelling Campaigns Blog Feature

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Removing Creative Limits

The Annoushka brand is as much about its namesake, Annoushka Ducas as it is about its beautiful jewelry. The brand itself originates from her unique personality and aesthetic, with each piece a celebration of both the woman who designed it and the woman who buys it. Ultimately, the Annoushka brand seeks to provide jewelry that is effortlessly beautiful and can be worn every day. There is an intimacy to the brand that cannot be replicated. But to translate this sense of intimacy and online, the website needed to act as a collection of stories, not just products. Delivering these stories required a degree of control that the Annoushka digital team didn’t possess. They had fantastic photos and editorial pieces, but nowhere to place them. Their rigid templates limited the stories they could tell, and made their collection page designs too repetitive. They had extensive creative ambitions, but hadn’t yet discovered the proper tools to realize them. Annoushka needed a technical solution that would empower them to create editorial content that brings their jewelry and their unique brand to life.

Content Creation Beyond Templates

Annoushka’s Head of Digital and Content Joanna Wiggins turned to their systems integrator Tryzens for this solution, who recommended Creator by Zmags. After connecting with Zmags, she and her team saw the potential to create without limitations in this platform that enables creation without templates. Most exciting, they saw the opportunity to gain control of producing and publishing content. Her team realized that this tool would give the creative freedom they craved back to marketing, while also freeing the IT team to focus on more pressing IT projects. Want to learn more about how Annoushka creates rich storytelling content that inspires and converts? Click here to download the case study and get the full story.