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Let's GIF It On: Gifs and SEO

August 24th, 2018 | 7 min. read

Let's GIF It On: Gifs and SEO Blog Feature

Jessica Keefe

Jessica is an integrated marketing leader specializing in strategic B2B and B2C enterprise solutions.

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  Happy Friday everyone! I have been waiting so, so, so, soooo long to finally do this post. 1 - Because I love GIFs. And 2 - The last blog had so many statistics, my head was spinning. Let’s get down to the important facts about how Gifs can help your SEO. OR just scroll down to see how Fridays in the office are summed up by various memes.   Mamma Mia 2  

The Great Debate is Over

Its pronounced “gif” … Beyonce  

“Plus They’re Pretty…Yeah That Too”

These animated pieces of artwork are a figment of expression when words can’t express and experience. They do offer SEO benefit. But with great power comes great responsibility.   Spiderman   GIFs can help your content by making it found by those who might not have searched for your piece. Some may say not to use these moving pictures because they look good (To be honest, there’s never enough GIFs). However, I have to admit that too many GIFs can cause slower page loading. Yes, it’s a tragedy. Why? Because slower pages can lead to higher rates of page abandonment. So next time you add 20 GIFs to a blog post, ask yourself, am I compromising my site’s loading times.   Ugh    

No Traffic Here

When you use these masterpieces well, GIFs can have the potential to increase your visitors’ engagement. They’re good for users and may help improve your site’s traffic. But make sure that Google can index them. What’s Google index you may ask? It’s actually a verb as in “index your site”. It includes assigning keywords or phrases to web pages or websites within a metadata tag (or "meta-tag") field. In relation to Gifs, search engines can comprehend what the image is about when you name the Gif. When you insert an alt tag to the content, the short description can add substantial value to your site.   Honey boo-boo      

And now, here are some Gifs for your Friday entertainment…

  When its Friday and no one is in the office… Office Fun     When you get caught snooping in the office fridge… Office Kitchen     When you have no work to do but can’t leave yet… No Work     So, you try to relax but remember you have several things to do… Wipe Out     When it’s just late enough for you to sneak out... sneaking out     When one of your coworkers leaves before you… Not fair     When you have a meeting Friday afternoon… Bored Meeting     That one guy in the office rallies everyone to leave early… freedom     And you’re like… Cheer     But your boss walks by… Boss walks by     And then you make a run for the door… sneak out of work     And finally, make it out… freedom, weekend