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Discover Creator by Zmags in BigCommerce Stores

June 6th, 2017 | 2 min. read

Discover Creator by Zmags in BigCommerce Stores Blog Feature

Lindsay Moore

Lindsay is a Vice President of Partnerships and Customer Success. She's an eCommerce leader focused on driving engagement and results.

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In the ecommerce industry, we focus a lot on the ‘Digital Customer Journey’ – how to create it, track it, optimize it, and make it flexible, in order to get products in front of shoppers fast. But as technology providers, we don’t always showcase the many specific steps in a journey that, for some, can be a lofty goal. Technology integrations are a big part of creating a successful customer journey and we are one step closer to helping more retailers achieve this with the launch of Creator by Zmags into BigCommerce stores. This partnership will be announced at this week’s Internet Retailer Conference & Expo (IRCE). The Creator + BigCommerce partnership will showcase multiple purchase journeys outside the standard, boring grid that shoppers have come to expect, and ultimately have outgrown. Now, consumers can engage and play with personalized quizzes, interactive buying guides, and shoppable blogs, rich trend guides, and more. These content experiences seamlessly tell a rich brand story that customers can connect to, while instant shoppability drives significant conversions. In the digital age, rich and interactive experiences like these are completely changing the ecommerce landscape. It’s up to retailers to keep up and deliver the content customers crave. Bringing Creator by Zmags and BigCommerce together allows retail marketers to discover how they can grow their Digital Customer Journey and provide customers an even better shopping experience. With this powerful tool, content creation is put back in the hands of marketers. Heading to IRCE? Want to learn more about creating shoppable experience that inspire and convert? Come check it out at BigCommerce booth #429 and Zmags booth #1511.