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Retail Content Marketing Tools: By The Numbers

May 11th, 2017 | 2 min. read

Retail Content Marketing Tools: By The Numbers Blog Feature

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It's a known fact that rich content is a digital marketer's greatest asset; and this goes doubly for the retail marketer. Retail customers need to be engaged and inspired while they shop. It is not enough to display products on a static page. Shoppers need to be shown why they should buy them, and how they can use them. But if content is such a powerful tool, why is there such a large gap between brands that want rich content, and those that actually have it? Over 50% of retail marketers report that they want rich and shoppable content, but only 9% have it on their site. This disconnect is caused by a common barrier: a lack of resources. 36% of retailers say that it is simply too technically challenging to create these types of experiences [1]. With the constant back and forth between creative, marketing, and development, production times are too long to make the investment worth it.

Digital Marketers Need New Retail Content Marketing Tools

The solution is to put content creation and production back in the hands of retail marketers. When content is fully managed by marketing, they can be guided by their creative vision, not their limitations. And without the constant communication between departments, they can get experiences online fast. This means IT is freed up to devote their time to new and innovative projects. When retail marketers are creating their own content, metrics and productivity soar. Marketers need the tools that will make this possible. Below, we break down how brands like Godiva, New York & Company, and Dormify are creating rich and shoppable content - and the amazing results they're experiencing. http://zmags.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Retail-Rich-Content-By-The-Numbers.pdf   [1] The Shoppable Content Report, Zmags Corp, 2016