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How Agencies Are Leveraging the Publicator Digital Publishing Suite

December 16th, 2014 | 4 min. read

How Agencies Are Leveraging the Publicator Digital Publishing Suite Blog Feature

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It’s been said that technology is best when it gets out of the way. That’s one of the main reasons why, no matter how powerful and feature-packed we make Zmags’ Publicator, it has to be simple to use. You see, when users have powerful yet easy-to-use digital publishing tools and features at their fingertips, they’re freed up to ideate, innovate and amaze. After all, one of the key charges of any marketing agency is to push the envelope for their clients—to deliver a unique, attention-grabbing presentation that elevates a brand, captures the imagination and converts customers faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost. And that is precisely where Publicator shines. And agencies across the globe have found some fantastic ways to put the power and simplicity of Publicator to use for themselves and their clients.   Agency Self-Promotion Oftentimes, agencies suffer from the “cobbler’s children” principle. They’re so consumed with the work they’re doing for their clients that they have no time to promote and elevate their own brand. Ensemble Design & Production out of Cape Town, South Africa, found Publicator to be just the thing that could help them quickly and easily promote their stunning visual artistry services. So they used Prism Publicator to build their interactive rich-media demo reel, featuring their award-winning work, and providing a cross-platform look inside the agency’s core competencies, mission and industry partners. Client Brand Enhancement The product suite enables agencies to take their clients to market faster, convert more efficiently and deliver a seamless response across the digital landscape. And innovation in those areas can take many forms. Danish agency Nørgård Mikkelsen leverages simplicity of Publicator to build engaging animated product catalogs for their client Din Tøjmand, a leading men’s wear retailer, going from design to live publication in days instead of months. Thought Leadership Some agencies have used Publicator in ways that blur the lines between exciting, engaging creative and self-promotion. And we wholeheartedly support it. Instead of merely explaining how they can enhance digital media for their clients, UK-based firm Monitor Creative is choosing to show off their capabilities and personal flair by producing this incredibly rich publication — M World Magazine. Through the publication, Monitor has found a way to employ the full power and functionality of Publicator and show off their creative chops at the same time.
M World Magazine by Monitor Creative
M World Magazine by Monitor Creative
                An Invitation to Innovate We truly hope these examples have inspired you to do some amazing work with Publicator. If you’re an agency looking to take your clients (and your own work) to the next level, get in touch with us to learn about special agency pricing. Already using Publicator at your agency? Let us know about your innovative approaches in the comments below, and we may feature your work in a future blog post.   -Grant