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Meet The Team: Antonio Lagrotteria

March 9th, 2017 | 3 min. read

Meet The Team: Antonio Lagrotteria Blog Feature

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What do you do at Zmags? How long have you worked here and why do you stay?  I am a Lead Developer and Team Leader for the Development Team located in Copenhagen. My role mainly focuses on contributing actively to the overall project code base (“getting hands dirty with code” as I like to say), being involved in user stories maturing in collaboration with Product and ensuring that the Development Team is motivated, focused and technically challenged while having fun. I have been working at Zmags for almost 4 years and the main reason why I am still here is because Zmags allows me to do what my role is supposed to be: leading a team of talented and skilled people and being challenged by them, learning new technologies and contributing to add real value to the company. Simply put, Zmags empowers me to achieve all of the above, and that’s awesome! Which celebrity will star as you in your biopic?  Though not being my favorite actor, many see a reminiscence of Adam Sandler in me, so there you go!   What are you most proud of (work or otherwise)?  On the personal side, excluding the easiest answer (building a family with my lovely wife and our little angel/devil, Emma), my answer would be to be able to play different musical instruments and learning how to play them very quickly. In terms of work, I am definitely proud to have been given the responsibility of leading a team of great and smart people that delivers what’s requested and that enriches me socially and technically. Describe your inner superhero – name, costume, and superpower!  That would be Spider Man, for the simple reason that I hold hundreds of Spider Man comics down in Italy that I started reading since I was 11 years old, so I am very fond of him and his messed life. Costume would be either the one during Erik Larsen or Mark Bagley era. In terms of superpowers, apart from agility and wall-crawling, the best power is his spidey-sense, allowing him to “forecast” an incoming danger. Very useful in our times! Where will we find you in 5 years? Opening a pizzeria, that’s my dream! Joking aside, my mindset is very affected by Agile methods where you cannot really plan something more than a short amount of time, but my hope would be to continue to grow my personal and tech skills in Zmags and seeing an explosive success of Creator world-wide.