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Creator Conversations: Doing More with Page Designer

February 2nd, 2022 | 3 min. read

Creator Conversations: Doing More with Page Designer Blog Feature

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What if your digital design process was much faster and easier in Salesforce Commerce Cloud? Are pre-built templates or dev team handoff to code pages a challenge your team faces? 

Then join our Senior Solutions Engineer Asafe Nogueira in this Creator Conversation for a quick breakdown on how to power up your next Page Designer-built campaign. 

Challenge: Heavy coding and templates required. 

Now, Commerce Cloud users know that when publishing content, then you're usually working with a content asset or content slot. And, if so, then you're using pure HTML; for example if you have to update a landing page, you have to wade through lines and lines and lines of code to find the correct image, URL, or splice of text that you need to change. This is a time draining process. 

Of course Salesforce recognized this and added pages to the fold, allowing you to swap out template code for template ID components.

🔥 Solution: Interactive content without coding.  

Regardless of the approach, you can use Creator to publish rich, engaging, and interactive content. However, the content is not only engaging, but it enables consumers to shop directly from that content. For example, many of our customers will create a "shop the room" banner. These banners sit a top a product grid, which allows you to add calls to action to each item featured in that image or a link layer so users can engage directly with that banner instead of getting lost in product pages. 

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