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Interactive Content Spotlight: Annoushka, Hotel Chocolat, Fenty Beauty

February 21st, 2018 | 3 min. read

Interactive Content Spotlight: Annoushka, Hotel Chocolat, Fenty Beauty Blog Feature

Jessica Keefe

Jessica is an integrated marketing leader specializing in strategic B2B and B2C enterprise solutions.

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Check out the latest installment of the Interactive Content Spotlight, a monthly roundup of the coolest and most cutting edge rich content examples from around the web. Enjoy!

Annoushka - #iloveannoushka

What it is: A Q&A editorial experience

Why we love it: Every brand strives for a strong relationship with their customers, and a great way to establish that connection is through a Q&A editorial experience. By giving your products a face and personality, customers can relate to your brand on a deeper level. Annoushka’s “#iloveannoushka” experience features a Q&A interview with designer Avigail Collins, with questions ranging from styling tips to their jewelry icons. It’s educational, entertaining, and just happens to simultaneously promote Annoushka. And with beautiful photography, it’s visually dynamic as well.

What it’s missing: To purchase the featured jewelry pieces, consumers are sent to a standard product grid to find their favorites. But the experience itself is so inspirational, shoppers are going to want to make their purchases immediately, without being taken away from the page. By incorporating integrated quickviews, the path to purchase would be instantly streamlined.  

Fenty Beauty – Fenty Face

What it is: A step-by-step tutorial

Why we love it: : Beauty and cosmetic experiences are most impactful when they focus on application and education. The derived value of these products comes from how they are used, so a tutorial experience is sure to wow customers. Fenty’s tutorial experience teaches shoppers how to recreate founder Rihanna’s favorite look, regardless of skintone, through in-depth, step by step instructions. Whether you are a beauty novice or expert, you’ll be sure to learn something new. Our favorite part is the use of video, featuring Rihanna herself; shoppers can click through the video through marked steps, with the products in each stage featured in a sidebar. It’s a smart way to facilitate shopping while watching the video.

What it’s missing: To purchase from the video, a new tab is opened, taking shoppers away from the video. By adding quickviews, purchases could be made without interrupting the video, making it truly shoppable. 

Hotel Chocolat – 2018 Easter

What it is: An Easter-themed gift guide

Why we love it: Brands that take advantage of seasonal events always place themselves ahead of the pack – they’re delivering rich, of-the-moment content just when shoppers need it. Hotel Chocolat’s experience is a success for just this reason. We love their use of fun, vibrant, clickable lookbooks to bring their products to life with added springtime flair. Customers will find everything they need for the holiday, making it a one-stop shopping destination. And through quickviews (annotated with clickable egg graphics, of course!), everything is instantly shoppable.

What it’s missing: We’d recommend adding more roll over effects to this lookbook; today’s consumers expect nearly everything to be interactive, so even adding a wiggle effect to a few chocolate eggs would be sure to entertain and add a little extra dose of fun. 

Anthropologie – The RSVP Edit

What it is: A dress buying guide

Why we love it: The best buying guides are the ones with a very specific purpose, and that’s why we love Anthropologie’s “The RSVP Edit.” Organized by event, shoppers will find the perfect dress for every situation. From spring weddings to galas, shoppers can click through product carousels for endless inspiration. This is a great way to narrow down options and guide customers towards the right purchase naturally. Once they’ve fallen in love with a pice, they can simply click to activate a quickview and add the dress to their shopping cart, without ever leaving the experience.

What it’s missing: To keep shoppers engaged with the experience, we recommend incorporating interactive features like videos and gifs. These elements make the content come to life, and boost engagement metrics in the process.