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E-Commerce Innovation Through Content That Converts

June 28th, 2017 | 3 min. read

E-Commerce Innovation Through Content That Converts Blog Feature

Jessica Keefe

Jessica is an integrated marketing leader specializing in strategic B2B and B2C enterprise solutions.

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You may have visual content on your website, but is it converting your visitors into customers? With the many common e-commerce challenges faced by retailers, my guess is not as many as you would like. It’s no surprise that industry conversion rates have stopped climbing at their previous levels. According to the Forrester report “ The State of Retailing Online 2016,” only 6 percent of retailers are seeing conversion rates higher than 10 percent, with most retailers’ rates hovering between 1 percent and 3 percent. Some of those barriers to increasing conversions include a complicated path to purchase, poor omnichannel design and uninspiring content. There's a solution to these issues: creating compelling digital shopping experiences that provide value to customers. Let’s take a closer look at rich content and some examples of simple hits that you can implement to increase conversion, average order value and time on site from your content marketing efforts. Quick Views Quick views are an easy win for retailers. They allow consumers to add products to their cart without having to leave the experience that inspired them to add the item to the cart in the first place. This instant conversion means consumers can continue exploring — and adding more items to their carts — without experiencing a jarring page load that removes them from your brand experience. Once they've reached that “gotta have it” mind-set, a quick view will help them convert instantly. Without quick views, consumers are left to their own devices. Nothing makes a potential customer lose interest like being forced to search through product grids for something they already know they want. You have likely spent significant time and resources on your content; make it easy for your customers to buy and then continue interacting with the rich media experience you've so carefully planned. This article was originally published on totalretail.com on June 28th, 2017. Read the full article here