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Introducing Creator Connect

March 17th, 2022 | 2 min. read

Introducing Creator Connect Blog Feature

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Zmags, whose Creator platform is transforming how customers experience digital commerce everywhere, today launched Creator Connect, giving everyone on the brand team – from designers to marketers to developers – the power to compose powerful, intelligent digital experiences. With Creator Connect, brands can create experiences that respond in real time to any aspect of their eCommerce and martech ecosystem.

Creator Connect is a solution that supports the movement towards headless, composable experiences, empowering marketers, and designers to incorporate any aspect of their eCommerce infrastructure into digital experiences. Connect is built for usability, converting all API-enabled eCommerce and martech systems into an intuitive UI for composing digital experiences, no development necessary.


“Brands today are spoiled for choice with martech and eCommerce vendors. They are swimming in APIs but lack the development bandwidth to turn those APIs into compelling shopper journeys,” said Ryan Breen, CTO at Zmags. “At Zmags, we don’t want to give you the 51st API to juggle. We want to give you a no-code platform to turn those 50 APIs into any experience you can imagine. That’s Connect.”


Key capabilities of Creator Connect include:
• Providing continuity of experience throughout the customer journey: Connect is built to work at scale, so you can build product detail pages every bit as rich and interactive as your homepage.

• Unifying your martech and eCommerce technology stacks: This solution helps digital marketing teams to optimize content so that it’s intelligent and seamlessly integrated with any part of their existing martech and eCommerce ecosystems.

• Creating a tailored, self-service approach: With Connect drive brand vision to every part of a website, from landing pages to product pages, by easily building all the content necessary to serve different customer segments.

• Giving you agility to adapt quickly: Rapidly respond to changes in inventory and pricing, introduce new products and even entire product catalogs, all without needing to redesign or redeploy pages.

Creator enables eCommerce brands, including Ethan Allen, Timex, and Godiva, to deliver smart digital experiences in a fraction of the time and cost, without diverting scarce development resources.

“Connect brings something completely new and immensely valuable to the eCommerce market,” said Jeff Lortz CEO at Zmags. “I’m proud of the innovations our team delivers, continuing our commitment to enable brands to design smarter digital experiences with speed and scale.”

Connect is the latest milestone in a year of explosive growth for Zmags. In 2021, the company launched the new standard for shoppable email, introduced the first self-service way to turn any design file into an interactive online experience, and named Lortz as CEO.