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NY&Co sees 44% Increase In Mobile Conversions With Revamped Shopping Site

April 18th, 2016 | 2 min. read

NY&Co sees 44% Increase In Mobile Conversions With Revamped Shopping Site Blog Feature

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In a reflection of the need for apparel retailers to continuously refresh their shoppable content on digital channels, New York & Company experienced a 44 percent increase in mobile conversions over the past year after implementing a self-service content marketing platform into its mobile site. The specialty apparel brand leveraged Zmags’ Creator platform, which enables clients to create and publish new content experiences with drag and drop tools, giving retailers added flexibility in maximizing their mobile sites’ efficiency. New York and Company’s decision to invest more heavily in mobile highlights its dedication to reaching target consumers on their omnipresent personal devices. “New York and Company saw an increase in mobile conversions by 44 percent from 2015 to 2016 due to the rich, shoppable content that New York and Company has launched using Zmags Creator,” said Brian Rigney, CEO of Zmags. “New York and Company has a mobile-only site, and uses Creator to upload content to that site, as it also does for its desktop site.” Ramping up mobile offerings New York and Company sought to revamp its mobile channels in a way that would appeal to its core audience, which consists of millennial-aged working women. The retailer turned to Zmags and opted to use its Creator platform in a bid to make its shoppable content stand out even more. The Creator platform allows users to leverage drag and drop tools to rearrange site layouts and product imagery without having to implement separate code. By placing a larger focus on enticing item images and a streamlined user interface, New York and Company was able to significantly boost the effectiveness of its mobile site. This story was originally published on April 18th 2016 by Mobile Commerce Daily. Read the full story here.