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Instantly Transform Any Design File to an Interactive Experience

September 8th, 2021 | 2 min. read

Instantly Transform Any Design File to an Interactive Experience Blog Feature

Justin McCoubry

Justin is the Vice President of Marketing at Creator by Zmags. His focus has been on creating unique brand experiences and developing growth strategies.

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New product innovation empowers marketers to go from creative ideas to digital experiences in seconds

Creator by Zmags, transforming how customers experience digital commerce everywhere, today announces the launch of new technology that enables marketers to go from design concept to live interactive digital experience more easily than ever before. This patent-pending innovation marks a significant milestone for the Creator platform as it sets the market standard as the one-stop digital experience design tool for eCommerce marketers.

Customers are shopping online more than ever. To serve an increasingly discerning audience, eCommerce marketers must differentiate their brands through visually impactful, interactive content that responds in tandem with rapid market changes. However, with existing tools, marketers often wait weeks for developers to build interactive content from existing designs.

By using Creator marketing teams have complete control. Starting with any design file, marketers can add interactivity and publish to their website or email in seconds. Teams easily transform any design file – from Figma and Sketch to the entire Adobe® Creative Cloud® (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and InDesign) - into a live shoppable experience, all without writing a single line of code.

“This new capability represents a radical shift in the market for eCommerce teams,” said David Powell, CEO of Zmags. “Marketers no longer have to be constrained by the bandwidth of their development teams. As soon as the design is complete it can be a live experience in seconds. It’s truly effortless to create the unique experiences that customers have come to expect.”

The results already speak for themselves; Creator users have seen up to a 90% reduction in publishing time. Processes that used to require days now only take minutes or even seconds. Additionally, users have experienced a 3x increase in conversions by transforming their static content into engaging shoppable experiences.

“The existing ecosystem of design-handoff tools is not working for our customers. It’s slow, and something is always lost in translation. Few developers can realize a designer’s vision,” said Ryan Breen, Zmags Chief Technology Officer. “With Creator’s design file transformation capabilities, we’ve innovated the developer out of the equation: the marketing team goes from vision to interactive experience, live on their site, in seconds.”

This announcement follows the launch of Interactive Email, the first truly shoppable email solution, and Zmags’ recognition as a "High Performer" and "Easiest To Do Business With" in G2’s Summer 2021 reports.