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Zmags Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

January 14th, 2016 | 5 min. read

Zmags Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Blog Feature

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BOSTON — January 14, 2016Zmags, the shoppable content company, today celebrates its 10th anniversary. This milestone marks a decade of remarkable evolution into a leading provider of shoppable content platforms. With roots as a digital magazine in Copenhagen, Denmark, Zmags originally made its name as an online digital catalog publisher. The company derives its name from the “zoom” viewing functionality in an early version of its digital magazine platform, Publicator. Now serving over 1,500 brands worldwide, Zmags delivers more than 250 million page views per month and has helped deploy nearly one million digital experiences. Since its founding, Zmags has provided digital marketing and eCommerce professionals with a rich media marketing platform that enables shoppable experiences.

2015: A Momentous Year for Zmags and Its Clients

In April 2015, Zmags unveiled its new Creator platform. It empowers marketing and eCommerce professionals to create and publish engaging digital experiences in minutes, without coding or relying on IT. Now, retailers can use drag-and-drop technology to easily create and quickly deliver the rich, shoppable experiences that drive engagement and conversions. This translates into one of the highest ROIs in eCommerce, as experienced by Creator clients:
  • Neiman Marcus generated three million page views and launched 50 shoppable lookbooks in its first 12 weeks of use, delivering an enhanced customer experience that increased sales.
  • New York & Company reduced time-to-market for eCommerce campaigns from months to hours and boosted website page views by 600 percent.
  • Boathouse grew website attention by 500 percent and was honored with a Customer Engagement Award from Retail TouchPoints for its eCommerce innovation with Zmags.
  • Brahmin increased its online conversion by 111 percent.
  • Marks & Spencer improved processes and experienced a 30 percent higher increase in year-over-year sales on items featured in a Creator experience, as compared to those that were not.
Recent client wins for the Creator platform include Nautica, Ethan Allen, Godiva, Office Depot UK, Mizuno, Barbour, Weird Fish, Coolibar, WWRD, Rachel Roy, The Tile Shop, and Getty Images UK. “Ten years ago, the standard eCommerce experience was very different than it is today. With today’s discerning and time-strapped shoppers, a glance from the consumer is all a retailer gets. It is critical to grab shoppers’ attention through visually appealing, shoppable content,” said Zmags CEO Brian Rigney. “Our clients are creating some of the most engaging content in eCommerce today, and we’re committed to advancing these experiences through continuous product innovation.”


Zmags Unveils New Features in Creator Platform

Keeping a keen eye on market trends, customer feedback and emerging technologies that advance its platforms, Zmags focuses on the core of its users’ needs and then rapidly builds out functionality on top of those critical needs. New features in Creator make it even easier to design, publish and measure shoppable campaigns:

  • Create: New enhanced design features enable more visually appealing experiences, including hover over/loop effects, an enhanced text editor with custom fonts, expanded video configuration, social sharing, and master layer toggle.
  • Integrate: Creator has an integrated Demandware product widget as well as configurable JavaScript actions to help simplify the inclusion of design, product and coding when developing shoppable experiences. Typekit and Google fonts are supported. Additionally, Creator works well for retailers using Oracle, Magento, IBM, SAP/hybris and other leading eCommerce platforms.
  • Organize: The new project organization feature allows users to create, edit and organize experiences, images and publishing slots in a dashboard, along with project analytics.
  • Publish: Publishing within the Creator platform is simplified for responsive sites through image optimization, 100 percent width and auto-height, up/down scaling, as well as SEO optimization.
  • Analyze: Analysis through Creator is more intuitive through its new segment.com integration, in addition to Google Universal Analytics. Segment’s convenient plug-and-play nature allows users to integrate Creator with more than 45 different analytics platforms.
“At Zmags, usability and ingenuity go hand and hand — they are the core drivers of our Creator platform and of our continued success in the marketplace,” added Rigney. “We’re excited to roll out new features to our clients and work to ensure that Creator remains the most user-friendly and technologically innovative product of its kind.”